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The Story of Homaidan Al-Turki

Homaidan Ali Al-Turki immigrated to the United States with his family in 1995, after receiving an academic scholarship from the Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh to pursue a PhD in phonetics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. After successfully earning a master’s degree with honors, Al-Turki was completing a linguistics doctorate program at the University of Colorado, specializing in Arabic intonation and focus prosody. A father of five, Al-Turki and his wife Sarah Al-Khonaizan were active members of Denver's Muslim community. Additionally, Al-Turki operated Al-Basheer Publications and Translations, a well-known Arabic language translation and publishing house based in Aurora, Colorado.
Humaidan had a remarkable social activity among students from Saudi Arabia and Muslims in general , as he had a publishing house in the same state. After the events of September and after atheist security to Muslims to question anyone of them in America, the FBI has offered Turki Humaidan to cooperate with them in some matters relating to that he is being a superior sound technology in this area .However, he rejected that because he did not want to enter himself with the detectives and their opponents, and because he is busy with his family , studies, and his publishing house. Then the Federal Bureau of Investigation threatened him in any way and for any reason, and here the problems started. In November 2004 his house was raided by the security force made up of 30 members and headed directly to the wife of Hamedan especially aiming arms to her head and asking for a place of weapon, although he does not have any weapon and they did not found any weapon or prohibitions. Then they were taken him , his wife, and his an Indonesian housekeeper to jail for violating immigration law and his five children left unattended at home without money because their money and assets had been frozen in bank .So, they were unable to use bank cards to get food .Also their friends and neighbors were preventing to take care of these children .However, these lasted for 15 days were these children without someone takes care of their affairs, making them live on the contributions and assistance under the eyes of the authorities.
After the investigation with the housekeeper for 15 days which reported that the family housekeeper of Humaidan dealings as a member of the family and she is afraid to go to the street without the family, then they were released with bail of 25 thousand dollars and change the status of their residency with the Immigration Office, with reservations on housekeeper investigation. During the court, his wife was brought into the courtroom without a veil covering her head with insulting manner. When this raised the act of protest and Muslims who attended the trial, the authorities agreed to wear a veil that extended to her by one of the attendees.
After the investigation with the housekeeper 12 times for more than six months and the continued pressure which made the housekeeper changed her statement and claimed that the Turki Humaidan sexually assaulted and abused her. Then she got the recognition of 64 thousand dollars in compensation from the Turki family with a valid residence permit ,also with the government promises not to prosecute as violation of immigration regulations. Then Humaidan and his wife were arrested after the housekeeper changed her statement. After that the Court requested this time $ 150 thousand for his wife and $ 400 thousand for Humaidan to ensure a high financial condition, The Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques thankfully paid these money.
After a long trials, the housekeeper decided to withdraw her statements ,but she was threaten by the authorities if she do that .Then after haggling between the judge and defense counsel, the court sentenced his wife to imprison 45 days and 48 hours for community service and compensation for the housekeeper about 9 thousand dollars. However, the Prosecutor General told his wife that she supposed go to hell and not to the prison. Authorities have manacled her and escorted to jail in front of her sons amid their screams and without giving them any opportunity to say goodbye. On August 31, the court sentenced Humaidan to 28 years ,and he will be called after 28 years to see if he has pleaded guilty and admitted his mistake and intended not to return to it , or turn the sentence to all his life.
Who thought that the tragedy ended here is wrong. Humaiadan has sent a letter to his parents, stating that the authorities had shaved his beard and install lightning ring to torture his body ,then he was placed in solitary confinement and transferred to another prison without informing the lawyer or his family and remained in that prison for eight days.
After that the prosecution dropped the suit of against the Federal Court in Humaidan and this legal action in order to weaken the authority of the Minister of Justice ,and to not be able to intervene if the issue has become a federal court because the UK government is putting pressure on high levels to end this issue .However, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and Crown Prince are taking care personally of this issue and its developments.
Once he was transferred to the new prison, he started to teach
the prisoners the Arabic language. He also delivered an emotional speech in front of the court which sentenced him to 28 years and this is the text of his word.

In the name of Allah the Merciful

My name is Humaidan alTurki ,Muslim from Saudi Arabia, I'm 38 years old and I have five children ,you have already meet them during this trial.
I am a student in the Ph.D. at the University of linguistic science, "Colorado" ", and I'm doing well in my studies. I am grateful and thankful for this opportunity to address the court. Although I chose not to talk on behalf of myself during the trial, I found the need to make some statements and affidavits in the case of my innocence. When I came to this the country before 14 years, I felt I am lucky. Very lucky that I have the privilege to do a PhD and my family with me, which gave me peace of mind of being on my side instead of being on the other side of the world. Optimistic about a lot, my wife and I, because we had the opportunity to live in a country that practices religious freedom and educational opportunities. We felt that we can secure the livelihood of our family in a natural way just like any other American families while preserving our religious identity and cultural. I went and had become full immersion in the scientific community, and my family and I to do our freedom of religion, and participated in the gatherings of the Muslim community in the "Boulder", "Denver", "Fort Collins", "Greeley"
contributing to the life of the Muslim community and to society as a whole much as possible. Dear judge, I am here not to apologize, because I cannot apologize for something I did not make it and I did not commit crimes. . I say this not for arrogant, but this is the truth. In this country, the reality is difficult, because I am a Muslim, you cannot see or feel about it if you were not Muslim, your civilian advantages are not taken, you can sit on the stage and say what you want , but the fact remains the same and reality does not change. All I can do is to invite all the wise to listen to my words, people who did not take prejudge to me because of ethnic or native.
I ask any wise person .. Ask the wise listen to me. Please listen to me, I want to begin my statement thus: the fairness of the trial, I really want a fair trial. Please, I want a fair trial. I need a clear criminal suit ,because I am human at the end .Why my children ,my family ,and my community be punished because of our religion and our race.??
Why do not we get a fair case? Why we are prosecuted? The Government litigate us for what ?? Judge, the state was investigating me since 1995 and they have not been able to prove anything against me, and this is what I will come back to it later. All that I want is just a fair trial, even though I know that this wish is impossible, and no one would listen to me in this community which is fearful and vindictive against the Muslims. This society does not help, but I hope that one day things would be logical here ,because life always changes.
My sister Zoulikha, I still call her a sister, despite she accused us, but because I know she was forced to do that. The Federal Bureau of (FBI)has forced her for six months to say what they want. Zoulikha was a members of our family and I treated her as I treat my daughters. She ate with my wife and daughters, and she went on vacation with the family. Clothes that she wore liked the clothes of our family . You cannot ask someone in a different religion to be fully American. You cannot ask us to go to a nightclub, we are Muslims, and different, really different. Zoulikha sister's cloth were not punishment as the state claimed , but she was pride of it, and she said that in court more than once . The state has criminalized these basic of Muslims. In fact, this attack on the traditional dress of the Muslims was the main idea of the opening statement (Getting Started) for the plaintiff, because he has consistently expressed to the jury during his allegations that such clothing made sister Zulekha invisible and therefore she was a victim, focusing on the "phobia" of Islam (Islam phobia). You've seen the "mannequin" (puppet show clothing) that they have and its ugliness, and how they kept it in front of the jury, and this is the worst that can be done to the Muslims. As far as I know, my wife ,my children ,all those in my environment ,my community and all who met Zoulikha when she was in our house have looked she was happy because she was living in our house. However , before she was arrested, she did not mentioned that she wants to return to Indonesia, I did not know that she was unhappy with her work, ,her clothing or with the manner of living that she has chosen by herself , or even time that she spent with my family. She has enjoyed a good relationship with me, my wife, and my children. The fact that sister Zulekha after her arrest in migrant detention center, had called me and my family many times to express her fear because she is no longer with us. She was afraid from authorities, because she lied repeatedly about her age. She Also asked us to help her in any way to raise the pressure and allocate any lawyer. Suddenly, she disappeared from the immigration center, no one was able to connect to her , even the lawyers for more less than month or a month and a half. Then , we received a call from her and she was crying and asking for help. We have learned that they kept her in a safe house .The victim does not do so. Victim - of any kind – dose not call the family, which she accused them. But we do not know what happened with her after that, all I know is that her story was changed.

I know that the crime created from nothing. I do not know why sister Zoulikha allowed to change her statement, but I doubt that she accepted what happened because of her fear that the authorities would litigate her .Who have made this issue a personal matter to get the most possible gains, in addition to the promises that she got to be able to stay in the United States if she cooperate with them.
I know that people in authority questioned her repeatedly for 6 months after her arrest as what is proven in court, which made her change her statement and accusing me and my wife about a lot of things that we did not commit, although she did not make any of these charges for any of the specialists.
During the six months when she was talking directly with clients, when they asked her if she was subject to sexual harassment, she said no, she said "no" clearly and without hesitation, as records indicate.
The record of the Federal Office FBI refers to the talks were not recorded by the Bureau (federal) which is the most accurate organization in the United States, which can detect the smallest things according to their claim. They brought people from the Indonesian Consulate to sit with her and convince her to deal with the authorities and all what we could get out of her was a call from the Federal Bureau in midnight , she cried and said :" I lied to them when they asked me about my salary which caused a pain in my stomach." So , she Did not say that she exposed to sexual harassment or any kind of harassment. Many of social workers have met her more than once, as well as the Federal Bureau agents to reach their desired goal.
I do not know why authorities chose to follow me ,although they were investigating me since 1995, as it indicated in records, and now they accused me in state court and the Court of Federal Union about the same charges.
If you look closely at the events in this cases you will note clarity that clients have manipulated this investigation.
Judge, since September 11 which was used in my cases to open the way for jurors to prejudice me as terrorist, Muslims are being targeted by the U.S. authorities which are covered by security ,terrorism ,and through continuous monitoring, audio tapes, and the loss of civil liberty .But all these incompatible with the intention of your predecessors in this country . It is really offensive to justice in the United States if the authorities cannot make a Muslim terrorist, or if someone claims suggests that this person might be a terrorist and the authorities could not do it after that, they (the authorities) will not let him alone, and they will not apologize but they will look for anything to accuse him, and the mobile event which happened before two weeks ago is good example.
Dear judge ,men from the authorities have come to me before these accusations to bargain with the lawsuit to go home, it did not include the charge of sexual harassment or any of these things, but I rejected it .The meeting included: a lawyer, and prosecutor in the (office) Federal, FBI agent," and another man from the immigration office called the client "Peru", which witness this case. He told me the following very loudy, so the lawyer asked him to lower his voice or end his speech,he told me: "You know, if we cannot annihilate from you through the housekeeper case , we will do that from your taxes way, and if we cannot so ,we will find anything, go to home. Just go to your country. " This was exactly the words of that client.

However, clients instead of doing their required duty, they were preoccupied with destructive means to make me guilty by any means available even if they destroy my family.
Dear Judge, that all the accusations were fabricated by the authorities because they were not able to file a terrorist lawsuit against me and simply because I am not a terrorist, and they wanted to get the results regardless of the crime.
Authorities assumed that I am terrorist, because I have Islamic books Publishing house and I am active in my community. They also tried to accuse me about my visa. The client "Peru" called my University on Jul 24 m, or around that period, speaking with the International Bureau to cancel my visa, but the university's response was that Turkey is making good progress in the program of doctor study ,then he said:"Is there a way to overturn him ".

Dear judge, they've followed my house and my family over many years and more than that, they suspended me in "Illinois" because my name is mentioned in the list of terrorist .They also have been issued search warrants and applied it to my right ,the right of my work and my home in a desperate attempt to find proof against me, but I am not a terrorist and I do not back terrorism.

I am a Muslim ,I have lived years of my youth in this country up my children and took them to school. When they trying unsuccessfully to accuse me ,they went to the sister Zoulikha and questioned her for months without being registered any of its words until she tell them what they want perfectly. Clients have made this issue a personal matter.
after this fabricated issue, Sister Zoulikha returned to her senses ,but clients upset to do so. And when she wanted to apologize to us, clients also were unhappy. When she married a Muslim man and started crying and trying to reach the defense team to apologize and end the issue, clients were attended to her home to check the husband. Who enjoy such prosperity in the United States? When a woman marries, authorities come by themselves to make sure that he is suitable husband?!

Clients were Trying to convince her not to do so to the moment when she told the client »Bebek« that she wants to drop all charges, he told her the famous phrase that we hear everywhere which is : "Are you with us or against us?" then she said: "I'm with you." Because she was afraid, and within three weeks, she divorced from her husband because he was standing in the way of what they wanted, because clients did not want anyone stop them from achieving one of their intentions towards me.

Dear judge, sister Zulekha and me are not only people who intimidate on them in this case ,but also there are defense witness, and the claim as well, and a member of the community came to court to support me. These witnesses are members of the Muslim community of immigrants who are subjected to this case. They have been questioned for why they had come to court and support me .They were exposed to the challenge every time when they declared any statement that does not fit with what clients want to hear, they also were asked: "Are you with us or against us?"
Dear judge, any attempt to help me during the trial was always facing by the federal agents. So, one of the elderly members in my community has been questioned in the corner outside the courtroom, and even more so, they have tried to discredit my reputation and spread rumors about me among the people of the community .Since about a week or two weeks, the client "Bebek" went to one of the members of the community threatened her because she writes a letter to this esteemed Court to support me.
Judge, in spite of all these observations and investigations performed by the clients for more than ten years, I could not defend myself because I also be denied access to information about the investigation or consideration of the documents under the pretext of "security concerns".

We should not deceive people anymore on behalf of national security and not to remain silent on such things, because when people are deceived with such excuses, innocent people could go to jail, families could destroy as they destroyed my family and my life.
During the trial, you can also remember that Sister Zoulikha was always said that her gained money was kept safely my wife Sarah, which is not opposed by Sister Zoulikha days.

Dear judge, my wife and I were accused in this Court, in federal court, and in immigration court, if you're in my shoes dear judge with your family and your children, what would you do? If you and your wife accusing and expect a life sentence ?what would you do?!

Please, saved one of us. I've decided with my wife ,and I have been convinced her that it is better to accept the settlement of a crime that she didn’t committee , in order to exonerate herself to stay with these children because we do not want them to become orphans.

All I want is a fair trial and I did not get it in this case you, Judge.

Prosecutors use words such as: the enslavement and engage in trade rights to complete this issue, and in fact that clients are hold Sister Zoulikha and prevented her from receiving money that we want give her.
Judge, this Court has allowed the existence of evidence not related to this issue. They do not know the difference between the Muslim and Saudi Arabia, and all they only know is Islam phobia which is the fear of Muslims that prevails in the United States these days.

There is a juror was sentenced to advance ,although he was asleep more than half the time during the trial, but no one take any action against him despite the lawyers referring to you to do so.

Judge, I have condemned depending in fears and feelings, not on evidence, there is no physical evidence of any kind and this is because, as I said ,it is the wrong time to be a Muslim. These issue does not have real essence. These courts were not for me or for the crime, but a trial of Islam and Muslims. All I wanted, Judge, that I treat like any accused American who have the right to see the protection against civil rights, but I did not have this right.

Dear the judge, once again I will conclude as I started, I want a fair trial. Please, please, I want a fair proceeding, and a jury fair. trial gives me my civil rights instead of make me guilty because of my country.

Homaidan Al-Turki's speech ends

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