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Facts in the hands of the appeal.. Of the court's records

All the facts mentioned here are based on evidence derived from the records of the trial.
Introduction by:
Whatever the system, even if an arbitrator was divine, the method has been applied Evade. In the case of the American judicial system, which may not seem apparent defect in which.. However, where large gaps.. Perhaps the most important one is that which governs whether or not they are guilty of the jury .. But the judge is determined by the jury of what he deems the evidence .. The concealment of evidence is governed by them for one reason or another .. For example, the witness may be the case and the judge decides not to bring this matter because it believed that this may affect the view of the jury with "his opinion" that have no impact on his testimony.
Another thing that the jury was not entitled to benefit from the gift of God, but aware of the rule by offering them .. If they had been given that corner of the Jihad of Islam .. The juror is aware that this is not a corner of the five pillars of Islam .. it must be judged through the corner as it .. Because it depends on what he was not that the truth is known.

We have allegations were not supported by evidence of the actions intended unsuited to Indonesian maid and abducted by Humaidan Al-Turki family who had lived with them during the four years of the Humaidn Al-Turki study for PhD in linguistics.
Zelekha - Indonesian maid - allegations appeared later after categorically denied during more than 17 interviews with the investigating officers in the various sectors of security.
It is ironic that the woman was threatened by the government in prison for breaching immigration laws before obtained a work permit to work immediately after the allegations.
Even with the serious mistakes have been innocent Humaidan Al-Turki fourteen serious charges, which include: kidnapping and rape.
What we offer here is a brief of the mistakes of the Court contrary to his right to a fair trial resulting in a denial of justice.

The Case
In June 25th accused in Humaidan Al-Turki Sixteen charge:
• first-degree kidnapping
• conspiracy to commit first-degree kidnapping
• rape (12) charge
• criminal acts
• prison error
April 26th added a new charge of theft: is means: the theft of the labor effort of the maid
Trial ended on 12 June 2006, and the opinion was issued on June 3 in the jury acquitted Humaidan Al-Turki all Twelve charged with rape and kidnapping charges.
Instead of condemnation has been fully acquitted on charges less - based on the erroneous direction of the court - the 12 charged with "unlawful sexual behavior" and pre-error and theft.

About the Prosecutor:
Note: Its will be clear from the context that the Prosecutor is also a victim such as Humaidn Al-Turki of the the system of charging everything in mind Islamic not in the West only, but in the world wide because they are - the neocons - departing from a purely religious reasons find Islam is an enemy. Zelekha Is the victim of pressure and the threat that make her between two difficult options , sacrificing herself by going to prison in defense of the truth and the family lived with them for four years .. Or to safe herself by sacrifice the truth.
Zelekha Indonesian maid worked with Humaidn Al-Turki family since the 1/9/2000 until 18/11/2004. 18 November 2004 was arrested for violating immigration laws (the end of her Resident permit), and quoted from a Humaidn Al-Turki family's house, also she well treated by the family during stay with them. Within five months of the transfer and during the 12 different investigations by federal agents, and long interviews with the representative of the consulate Indonesia Zelekha keep on the same story: I was not any allegation of sexual assault.
Her Transition to the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia
Zelekha lived all her life in Indonesia before they get to work with Humaidn Al-Turki family. During the trail she was Twenty-four years old.
In 1999 she was about 16-17 years old and she wants to work in the KSA. She was Know that the Islamic regimes in the KSA is different from Indonesia, agreed to respect, she also knew that there must be 20 years old to qualify for work, she lied to employment office about her old, a relative of her made forgery identity card showing that she 20 year-old, she signed the document is a confirmation of authenticity. when the employment office informed her that she must be thirty years old to get the necessary training to work, she lied to the company once again, this time claiming to the training company that she's 30 years old, Zelekha obtained a document training from the company that she 30 years old, signed the document is a confirmation of authenticity.
In order to travel to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, she must have a passport, her passport showed third incorrect date for her birthday, that the 31-year-old.She has signed the passport with the knowledge that this information is incorrect.
Zelekha made up all this lying and fraud to go to the KSA and get money.
FBI investigations about "terrorism"
After U.S. government lost a series of terrorism cases, because clarity of the charges and the weakness of the evidence, 'the government gets a new approach. They arrested the suspect somebody, in charges not related to terrorism, no permanent immigration or taxes, the media of distorting his drowning as a terrorist, the jury conviction of a terrorist, willing to convict him of anything to protect their homeland. The charges may be simple; juror will not feel pangs of conscience towards because he believed that the defendant deserves more, even if the evidence was weak. when the time limits required there is an application allow to double the time dozens of times if they are connected with terrorism .. But the defense has no right to discuss this matter with the judge refuses that categorically not allowed mentioning the defense during the trail because it is not direct charge.
Since 1995 Humaidan Al-Turki is subject to control for connection with terrorism and that of his relations imposed by the extensive work in the Library Project "Bashir". In 2004 Authorities found an entry point: end of the administration of the maid. government raided the house and arrested Zelekha and Humaidan for contrary residence the government since that moment to make a Zelekha witness against Humaidan.
After one week the arrest, three charges of Humaidan Al-Turki: working by force, servitude, and harboring an alien, then drop the charges later by request of the prosecution.. This confirms the theory of search for any charges without verification.
On the day of her arrest, when the family's home was raided the Humaidan Al-Turki Holywoodian scary manner at 2:00 am of 18 November 2004 with that the case was just end of the administration. Achieved with Zelekha for 4 hours, she arrested and imprisoned, then transferred to the so-called safe house, and she has achieved with more than 12 times, representative of the Indonesian consulate met with Zelekha, and no mention in any of the harassment or rape, but denied it when asked about.
Later she was transported to the house of Michael Fernandez, several days later, on 7 April 2005 met with the authorities ,she said : "Maybe something happened." On the next day, 8April 2005 Zelekha signed the papers to obtain a work permit and got it, although the terrible series of detention after the middle of the night was for violating residency regulations.
After several subsequent interviews with federal agents the story began composed, however, did not specify the dates or days of the allegations, which is important, allegations must be not accepted without it. According the law when some person that he assault another person, he must determine the time and place because the defendant may be able to show that Suspect were somewhere else or even another city. However, without determining the crime the defendant has no this right, in the American system it does not accept and calls: Charge Particulars, even the details were different from the interview to another, her answers about the prosecutions questions during the trial.
Ambiguities and inconsistencies in her allegations
Zelekha allegations are not supported by evidence of inappropriate sexual behavior characterized by much uncertainty and inconsistency sum up some of it here
Without dates: We explained previously the most important dates for the Defense of Rights can't be the same presence in the event the respondent timely manner.
12 charged in the prosecution of sexual assault, 11 of which allegedly occurred between October 23 and November 4 and 24 between the one occurred on October 22, 3 September 23 She said that all the allegations in the second house although that some of these dates they were in the first house.
Zelekha was unable to provide specific dates for these allegations, rather than witnessed - a significant conflict - and its refusal to generalities about the jury their decision "not guilty" to 12 charges of sexual allegation , One of the alleged "sexual intercourse by force." It is ironic that the law has no word "innocent", but guilty or not guilty.
it was known when Zelekha arrived to the U.S. through the records of the Department of Immigration and known when Humaidan Al-Turki family moved from their house to the second house through the lease agreements, the defense asked the prosecutor to determine if the act was the defendant in the first or second home, the period of residence in the first home from the 1\9\2001 until the summer of 2003 , second home from the summer of 2003 until 18\11\2004.
Zelekha testified that all of the attacks was in the second house, but they haven't lived there during the summer because Humaidan Al-Turki family left to visit their family in the KSA that summer, and Humaidan Al-Turki remained to follow up his study,even Zelekha moved to live in the house of a friendly family, it's inappropriate that Humaidan Al-Turki stay with maid in the absence of his family according to the rules of Islam. But one of the allegations was in Oct. 2002, a period of the first house although the allegations that it all took place in the second house .
It is strange that Zelekha in her testimony at the Court spook about only one assault and omitted the rest, she reported Humaidan Al-Turki "Aguea" in 3 November 2004, corresponding to the twenty of Ramadan 1425, which patent jury, where intercourse requires three conditions: proof of its occurrence, the occurrence of the defendant to prove, and prove that the consent of the other party by the time. Otherwise Zelekha did not determined specific days or even months for these specific allegations, just said it occurred in the 11 harassment in second house which also the innocence by the jury.
Inconsistencies in testimony
Zelekha allegations were inconsistent with each other. For example, she gave different scenarios of the events that took place in the prosecution only "intercourse," which had been the day in Ramadan.
She told that Humaidan Al-Turki prevented her to meet Khalid Rashid who spent the summer with his family when the Humaidan Al-Turki family was visiting the kingdom, then returned to say that he was allowed to meet him.
Zelekha has made contradictory statements and other very strange, for example, she reported that in the summer of 2003 couldn't to speak English, so she didnt able to callt 911 to inform them of the attacks that she have them implement as the advice of Khalid Rashid. Also during the trial, she could not read or understand English, so her testimony at the court through an interpreter.
But Mrs. Hernandez, do not speak or read Arabic - who persuaded Zelekha of submission these claims- reported that during the administration of Zelekha in her home in the summer of 2003, they always speak English, and Zelekha read English professionally. Also FBI agent reported that Zelekha was talking English "very well" during an interview "I" and she was well understood.

The Convicted innocent :Humaidan Al-Turki

Several days ago court of Appeal in the State of Colorado of America to reject an appeal in the case of Saudi innocent Humaidan Al-Turki ,he sentenced to imprisonment for 28 years in prison for harassment his Indonesian maid in an attempt to end this tragedy that is still proud of this man is suffering, which began three years ago, who suffered from the defendant and his family chapters of the meetings of this trial in hope that the positive end, but that the elimination of the U.S. have a different opinion and said his word, as they say!! We know what it means to the opinion of the court?? Which they say is not subject to any outside interference!!
In spite of that, it was said that the judges of the Court of Appeal had been determined in the final hearing, held in the sixth month of the Gregorian date for the sentencing within 4 to 6 weeks, but Humaidan Al-Turki lawyers were surprised by the receipt of notice from the court ruling that day, means not exceed 2 weeks, what is raises suspicions about the timing and urgency to make a decision according the Appeals Counsel Hal Hadden. Where is the credibility here?? Why this discrepancy between that two dates?? What if these charges were to foreign in Arabian societies and the we deal with this harsh way, however, just see how the reactions will be to us??, I see hordes of universal human rights come to our societies in order to restore things to normal and achieve justice for the foreign citizen!! As the justice which is now the United Nations in dealing with the crimes of the Zionists against our brothers in Gaza!!
Humaidan Al-Turki – Allah may disengage his detention - I do not consider -and many accused- him innocent, he was arrested and the charges trumped him as everyone knows and wrote that by majority of sensible people that the charges fabricated, One of media broadcast a report on this issue through dialogues with all parties to the accusation that it was clear the charge fabricated, and in my opinion that the punishment was deserved -or worse than- to the American soldiers in Iraq who have been raped Iraqi girl and murdered her and her family before burned them!! Do you remember what the punishment for those criminals was?? Nothing compared to the multiple crimes committed against these innocent, only prison for one of them to for months!!
It is surprising that the charge against the innocent from the beginning shows that there is bias in the reasoning, including what was published recently by Fahad Nassar that hearing final points had seen hot. The focus points of the objection by the defense was the five basic points have affected the trial proceedings and resulted in the conviction and sentence on the accused and the representative of the Defense Humaidan Al-Turki lawyer - Hall Hadden - a review of the most prominent objections to the court in regard to the selection by the jury explained that a juror who admitted that he had been selected will be judged against Humaidan Al-Turki because he is a Muslim and although the court stated its position within the choice of the jury, and this is one of the most important points in the case, it has been selected as two of the jurors had been exposed to natural parents or sexually harassed, which affects the independence and non - affected by their bias against the defendant what had happened to them in the past and this is blot to the credibility of the jury, as the points of objection that the jury had been strongly influence them to divert them from the charges and the main jobs of the trial of the Islam religion, the spokesman for Al-Turki family in this case, Mr. Fahad Nassar, the performance of counsel Defense was outstanding in explaining the main objection during the meeting and he has been monitoring the situation, its known that must be agreed by two out of three of the judges ruling in this case.
according Mr. Fahad Nassar: The Court's response bias with respect to one of the members of the jury saying: (may not be fair with Humaidan Al-Turki because he is a Muslim) did not say: (I would not be fair with him because he is a Muslim) and put the word (perhaps) before he does not make it a viable to challenge the testimony!!
About the duration of the sentence Mr. Fahad Nassar explained that the court found that there is no difference between the death of the fourth degree of conviction and the conviction of second-degree, adding it is the last hope in finding a legal solution to the issue ,also it was not there after the Court of Appeal, which took place in January 22 but increase the current of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, which is somewhat difficult to impossible to obtain a decision in the interest of the cause of Humaidan Al-Turki.
So we are about human suffering of injustice this young man, who will spend 28 years in prison!! Only because there are those who do not like his advocacy, in addition to its commitment to post-graduate studies there!! That the charge was fabricated by means of condemnation and disappeared through it personally that the maid disappeared!! Why?? How?? Is not is said to have been the victim??The question is: Is she alive? Or disposed of as a true witness to these charges??
I wonder while I write this article about the innocent: how long of the significant issues of our youth when it is under the (American Justice)??
I expect to continue those by responsible for this issue, and this innocent student, their judicial systems to exploit gaps there, untouched by the Mafia, sometimes!! If it had been able to form a network of these legal judicial verified real justice, especially as the new American president is coming with a dream of the moral image of America. We are also but on the ground every Muslim is the former regime disappointments!!

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